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Into The Rose Garden
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    인투 더 로즈 가든; 인투 더 로즈 가든 (Into the Rose Garden);

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    Meg Winterbaum Gazealle

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    Drama - Romance - Webtoons - Yaoi

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who was proud to be an aristocratic nobleman, fell in love at first sight with Klop, a lower-class aristocratic family he met by chance. Arok approached regardless of the difference in status, wealth or even the taboo of being the same alpha, but Clough ignored him and married another omega. In the end, Arok, blinded by jealousy, commits a terrible sin. And after learning the truth, Klopp executes a ruthless revenge. Arok fights and resists, but slowly endures the price of sin.... "What you did was not love." "I don't know what to call this feeling if it's not love." If he had the chance to change everything, would the relationship between the two of them be different? 'Can life ever be a blessing again? Will it bring us back to the light? Will I ever see him again under that cedar path?+

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