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Life In Tokyo Ichijou
  • 4.2
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    上京生活録イチジョウ ; Joukyou Seikatsuroku Ichijou

  • Author(s)

    Fukumoto Nobuyuki Hagiwara Tensei

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  • Genre(s)

    Comedy - Drama - Seinen - Slice of life

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Life In Tokyo Ichijou Content

Ichijou Seiya is a young prodigy who is the manager of the Teiai underground casino and the creator of the diabolical pachinko machine "The Bog." Before his fight to the death with his nemesis, Itou Kaiji, he had a smoldering youth and was unable to make anything of himself. The story is set in Ooyama, Itabashi, Tokyo, a "bog" that has swallowed up all the dreams, hopes, and despairs of young people, and is about the ambitions and difficulties of freelancer Ichijou and his younger colleague Murakami who move into the capital and live in a tiny apartment.

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