The Ghost's Nocturne Manga

The Ghost's Nocturne
  • 4.9
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    Devil's Night Song ; Night Song ; 鬼夜曲 ; 귀야곡

  • Author(s)

    Ananas Crjade

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    Drama - Historical - Mature - Smut - Webtoons - Yaoi

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The Ghost's Nocturne Content

Jae-shin, who became a criminal for the crime of touching causality and was expelled from the underworld.The only way he can return to the underworld is to win a human heart (love).In front of Jae-shin, who does not believe in human emotions, Crown Prince Nok, who has a heartache from his past love for a long time, appears, and Jae-shin is curious about Nok...Jae-shin: “There is a foolish idiot who harbors a love that cannot be fulfilled.”From Lezhin US:As the son of King Yeom-ra of the underworld, Jae-shin has lived a hedonistic life full of ever-changing bed partners and condescension towards humans. One day, however, he crosses a line and is given a rather unusual punishment: by day, he becomes a powerless puppy, and by night, he becomes a human. The only way to escape his punishment is to win over a human’s heart, which won’t be easy…especially when the human he sets his eyes on is sweet-natured prince Lee Nok. Will Jae-shin win over the prince? Or will Jae-shin be the one who is won over?

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